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Solving Problems With Mediation Before You Need To See A Judge

Mediation empowers parties to try and settle their differences outside of a court of law. The mediation process provides more control in creating agreements that all parties can agree to abide by. The process is found to be more effective in minimizing conflict as well as less expensive than resolving disputes before a family court judge.

Mediation is a voluntary process and will continue only as long as you, your partner and the mediator want it to. Mediation proceedings can be conducted weekly, biweekly, monthly or as often you and your spouse would like them to. You and the other party make every decision in mediation. Agreements reached in mediation can have later modifications if both parties agree to the changes.

What Does A Mediator Do?

A mediator’s primary responsibility is to keep all lines of communication open, as well as to brainstorm ideas, foster empathy and assist the parties in their decision-making process. An effective mediator will keep the parties focused on the relevant issues and do their best not to let them wander off track. A skilled mediator can help each party learn to communicate again, if only for the sake of their children (if applicable), and make their post-divorce relationship more cordial than the one they experienced while married.

When Is Mediation Appropriate?

Under Nebraska state law, mediation may be utilized to resolve conflicts involving parenting plans, child custody arrangements, including modifications, visitation rights and/or various financial matters. Mediation supports your ability and responsibility to make your own decisions regarding your life and family. Your mediator, who may or may not be a lawyer, will address both parties as a neutral intermediary. Mediators are not the final decision-maker — you and your partner are.

How Do I Get Started?

Does mediation sound like an option you would like to pursue? Wesley S. Dodge Attorney at Law helps families develop agreements and peaceful resolutions. Attorney Dodge has extensive mediation experience and provides first-rate mediation counsel to families throughout Douglas and Sarpy County and other Nebraska counties surrounding the Omaha Metropolitan area. Call the firm at 402-333-1604 if you and your spouse are ready to begin working with a mediator. You may also complete the online form to send an email.