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Get Legal Help When You Need It And Save Money

Not everyone needs an attorney to file every piece of paperwork. For many people, it is enough to have a lawyer as a resource rather than hiring one to manage every part of your divorce or child support negotiations. When you need an extra set of eyes or specific help with your legal situation, Wesley S. Dodge Attorney at Law is available to help you with limited scope representation.

After 30 years’ working in Nebraska’s family law courts, attorney Dodge is an ideal choice to help you with limited scope legal services. Call 402-333-1604 to make an appointment to learn how an on-call attorney can work for you.

What Is Limited Scope Representation?

Limited scope representation, also called unbundled legal services, refers to hiring a lawyer only when you need one. Examples of times you may choose to hire an attorney in this way include:

  • If you have limited funds and are able to keep track of paperwork and deadlines
  • If you and your spouse are seeking an uncontested divorce
  • If you have an informal parenting plan that needs to go before the court
  • If you are updating or modifying an existing court order
  • If you need an attorney to draft a response to a court order or a legal process

There are many ways that Mr. Dodge can help you achieve your legal goals while working within your budget. Reach out for more information.

Get The Help You Need With Your Budget In Mind

Mr. Dodge values providing practical solutions to your family law disputes. He will help you find those solutions while respecting your budget. Call Wesley S. Dodge Attorney at Law in Omaha to discuss how limited scope representation can fulfill your legal needs. Send an email or call 402-333-1604 today.