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Creating A Stable Home After Divorce Or The End Of A Relationship

After divorce, you may feel like a financially stable life is unattainable. Fortunately, this is not true. You will have to plan and arrange for your new circumstances. With the appropriate support agreements and custody arrangements involving a parenting plan and visitation, you can get back on your feet.

Wesley S. Dodge Attorney at Law is dedicated to helping families in Douglas, Sarpy and other Nebraska counties surrounding the Omaha Metropolitan area. Mr. Dodge has over 30 years of custody and financial support experience. He will help you get a fair agreement in place and help you modify it when necessary. Call 402-333-1604 to schedule an appointment.

What You Need To Know About Support And Custody Agreements

Custody agreements, child support and alimony are all determined in separate processes. Each has a set of unique guidelines. Below are some of the basics:

  • Alimony — A Nebraska judge may order one spouse to pay alimony if the other party requires financial assistance. The judge will consider each partner’s economic situation, the length of the marriage and whether the recipient spouse requires education or training to return to the workforce.
  • Child custody — “Legal custody” refers to parents’ authority to make important decisions regarding their children’s welfare, such as choices concerning health and education. “Physical custody” refers to the time that a child is physically with his or her parent. Under state law, a court will consider both joint legal and physical custody, though the court is not required to grant joint custody if it is not in the best interest of the child. The presence of domestic violence will affect a court’s child custody decision.
  • Child support — In Nebraska, the family court calculates child support using specific guidelines based on each parent’s earning capacity as the starting point. The judge may order a support amount that deviates from these guidelines in special circumstances to provide for health insurance, additional medical and educational assistance. In certain circumstances, a parent may request to modify the child support order due to a material change in financial circumstances lasting for at least three months and expected to last at least an additional six months.

Not every arrangement will last forever. When you need a modification made to a court order, Mr. Dodge can assist you on a full or limited scope basis. He can also provide legal services for families seeking to resolve these issues through mediation, rather than through court action.

Modifying A Court Order Can Be Complex

Nebraska child custody orders can only be modified through the court’s approval of your request. You and the child’s other parent may reach an informal agreement, however, only a court-approved modification is enforceable by law. Child custody laws are often complicated, which is why consulting with an experienced lawyer is preferable to attempting any modification on your own.

An effective, reliable family law attorney will have the experience necessary to provide you with an informed opinion on whether modification would benefit you and your family. Wesley S. Dodge Attorney at Law in Omaha provides exceptional legal assistance. Email or call 402-333-1604 today to discuss the best possible solutions to your family law matter.